Rice cakes..mmmmm

Hmm… what’s this on the table? Really interesting How am I going to get some of this? If I sit down really nicely, maybe Yours Truly Confused will relent and give me some of that yummy stuff… Nope, that didn’t work… I’d reeeeaaallllly like some of these… Pleeeeeaaasssseeee? Look at me, I’m so very extra…

I need to know

OK, you can put up a gate and you can hang a towel over it and you can keep talking to whoever it is that’s hiding up there, but you won’t get out of that attic until I find out what’s going on. Vigil will be maintained for as long as it takes.

Pawse to think

Yours Truly Confused said I need to learn how to use this thing so I can write my own blog posts. What she has forgotten is that I do not have opposable thumbs… in fact, I don’t even have any fingers. Think I’ll just have a snooze.

Diet News

I just worked out that between me and Chloe, who is also on a diet, we have shed the weight equivalent of Izzy since last October. Here we are, exhausted by success.

Update for A Dog’s Life

Shiloh was invited to be a model for the A Dog’s Life 2014 calendar, and I was asked to send some information to include in his bio.  I went on quite a bit and there was limited space on the calendar page (he’s Mr Second Week in October!) so this piece is based on the…

Going down…

Yours Truly Confused brought Chloe, Izzy and me to visit Anicare Vets today.  Both Chloe and I are in the weightwatchers programme there.  Chloe and I got weighed and measured, Izzy was there for moral support. Here’s my progress so far! Measurements: Previous: Neck 58 cm, Chest 99 cm, Waist 82 cm Today: Neck 45.72,…

My first Christmas at BM

Princess Chloe the First and The Diva warned me about Yours Truly Confused’s obsession with getting the perfect, cute doggy Xmas photos. So when she placed green antlers adorned with marabou feathers (sheesh!) on my majestic and dignified head, I hid my face before she had time to whip the camera out.